RSK Robotics Krzysztof Kasprzyk

I provide services regarding programming industrial robots, both commissioning and optimizing the production lines. My professional experience has been gained by participating in projects for the biggest companies in Europe. Throughout the years i have programmed robots such as ABB, FANUC, etc.

Industrial robot programming

I offer programming of industrial robots - both online and offline. Throughout my work i've worked mostly automotive jobs. To my clients i offer whole range of services - from project planning through programming and startup.

Production line startup

Well thought and programmed automation of production processes guarantees making your production smoother and more cost effective, by reducing the number of people needed.

I also offer optimalization of existing production lines and production cells, by thorough analysis of its work, identification of its' problems and rectification.

Services available:

  • Online Robot programming (ABB with RobotStudio Premium,FANUC).
  • Robot cell/line commissioning, testing and modifications based on the specifications provided by customer.
  • Optimalization of existing robot processes:
    • adjustment of robot paths,
    • modification to already existing processes,
    • improving production cycle time.
  • On-site production support.



We have extensive knowledge regarding programming industrial robots and commissioning and servicing robot cells and their programs.

To let you see the projects that we have been involved in, we've prepared the desription of our experience and project location map.


See our projects



During our work we've programmed robots for some of the biggest players on the market.

Here are some of them:





Our clients can count on:



Solid and dependable operation of robots programmed by us

Technical support at the end of the project and later

Flexibility and ability to adjust to client's schedule